Victorious Ministries Through Christ

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has chosen me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed and announce that the time has come when the Lord will save his people.” 
- Jesus -

Victorious Ministry Through Christ (VMTC) is a ministry we believe in and partner with.


VMTC Prayer Ministry is the ministry of Victorious Ministry Through Christ, an international and interchurch ministry founded over 25 years ago by Anne S. White.


It is a powerful tool for Christians:

  • to help you in personal spiritual renewal

  • if you have come to a non-growth plateau in your Christian life

  • if you struggle with personal ineffectiveness and defeat

  • if you want to improve your relationships

  • to bring healing and deliverance

  • vital if you want to be effectively involved in spiritual warfare

  • to encourage & equip you for ministry to others


Prayer Ministry aims to continue the ministry of Jesus: [Luke 4:18-19]


If you would like to know more about who VMTC are and what they do, click on the link to the left.

Stories from people we know . . .

My Story


"I was at a standstill, knowing that God had more for my life but just feeling like I was hitting a wall. I was also aware of a few deep issues in my life from my past that I knew God could bring healing to. It was so nice to get away for a couple of days, to be alone with God and with people who would pray through these issues with me. The best thing is that you come away from the VMTC week with the tools to live out your healing each and every day."

My Story


“After declaring and claiming some of the promises God had revealed to me from His word; God led me to VMTC, where He completely set my heart, mind and soul free, and healed my body. I now live above the waves and storms of life (soaring as God declares with Eagles) where freedom, peace and joy reign. True to His word, God has set me free and healed my broken heart.I love His desire for us "it is for freedom that I have set you free!”

"...continuing the work of Jesus in our communities..."