Hear from Frances' (pictured) about her role as a full-time Chaplain at Inverell High School.


Each Chaplain brings their own gifts, talents and personality to this role. Having completed two courses in Chaplaincy: Cert IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care; and Clinical Pastoral Education; it’s my passion to love and value people.

The key to this is listening! Listening to hear what someone is really saying. These skills, taught in both my courses, honour and value people, putting aside ‘self’ to hear and hold someone and their story. There are so many hurting people in our world; taking ‘time to listen’, bestowing love and value has a huge impact in a person’s life.

My motto at Inverell High is, ‘I am here to serve’. Thus, I keep ears and eyes open to ‘spot’ places to serve! I find many, from picking up rubbish, to making someone lunch, or taking time to sit with that isolated student. Photocopiers love attention; changing toners, replacing cartridges, filling paper trays or finding and removing a paper blockage is often in a day’s work - this supports our teaching staff and saves them a slow and tedious job!

Teachers are also on my radar - being aware of their loads, and sending a card or gift their way encourages and honours them.

There are opportunities to pray, and see God heal people!

Being a High School Chaplain is a Priviledge!

- Frances

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