Pray for China!

Prayer is powerful, it is not a "nice sentiment" or a "religious tradition", prayer is conversation with God, declarations of His Word and intercession as God burdens us to pray. I love how OMF U.S. express it... through our prayers we are even now a part of the reality of God's love and passion for the peoples of the world. What a joy! privilege! adventure! honour!

Prayer is one of the key ways we can be involved in missions. Today, as a church let's join together to pray for China!

China hosts a population of 1,374,680,000, with many many still unreached. Let us join in prayer today to pray for the country and people of China. Check our a prayer video for China here ...

Here also is a story of Chinese missionaries in Northern Iraq. Please read and continue to pray for the work of Chinese missionaries across the globe.

“We are just happy to spend time with them,” Christy said. “They each have their own stories and all they need is love, so we are here to bring them the love of Christ.”

Thanks for joining us in prayer today!

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