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February 2017 - I am currently aboard a plane headed back to Australia after touring North America. What an incredible experience I’ve had. As a part of my trip, I spent a month serving in the OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) Canada International office in Toronto. My aim was to get to know the team & assist where possible. We achieved just that!

I was given the opportunity to serve in the mobilization team. I was able to contribute by; assisting communications with social media planning for 2017, administrating details for a mobilization trip to the province of Manitoba and developing a framework to engage youth in missions - this framework was the priority. It focuses on the Six-Ways we can be involved in missions, it introduces teenagers to missions, engagement options and OMF. It can easily be adapted to various settings and used by various people including home-assignees, mobilizers and youth ministries.

I valued the opportunity to invest my time, my highlight definitely being meeting new people. OMF Canada are rich in gifted and lovely people - what a pleasure to get to know them a little. Amongst the serving and meeting new people, I learnt a great deal personally and professionally. Three specific things – I have a renewed confidence, learnt to trust my judgement more and was inspired to engage the people I know in the Six-Ways. I am passionate about linking people to missions and engaging who they are with God's mission for our world. What a joy to be invited into God's work across the earth whether through prayer, sending, learning, going, welcoming and or mobilizing others. This year, let us engage with freshness and greater intentionality as we continue to go into all the world making disciples.

Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) is a global fellowship of Christians with a heart for East Asia - serving the church, sharing the gospel. Their work is as diverse as the communities and cities they reach. From planting churches to running businesses. From practicing medicine to training Sunday school teachers. In every area of life, OMF aim to present the good news of Jesus – in a way that’s right for the culture, and for the long term. For more on OMF visit -

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