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As a church we support Vision FM 88.0, they’re heart is…

Our dream is to deliver trusted Christian media to every Australian to help them discover faith and hope.

Vision FM 88.0 is a great idea, we have it on in the car and a lot of times in the house. There are great songs, New and old and the speakers are always relevant to my situation. The word for today is a great and useful resource and if you put it on at night and then you are hearing the gospel while you sleep. God often blesses your dreams and you wake up happy and refreshed, it's free and a great for you spiritual, physically and mentally.... Give it a try, you won't regret it. - Ron

We support Visions FM 88.0 with an annual donation. It is great to have Vision FM88.0 as a resource in our region. We value their input and vision to see positive change in the lives of Australians. Vision have over 600 relay stations across Australia. Our intentional generosity assists in making all this happen. :)

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