Northern Territory Road Trip

Photographer: Deborah Aldridge, used with permission.

Katherine Christian Convention, APRIL/MAY 2016

Today Tony Tierney announced that he was going to the Katherine Christian Convention starting on Wednesday, April 13 and he would like some volunteers to go with him. He said that he was going by way of Port Augusta, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Katherine and Darwin. Oh yes, I wanted to go!

I am so glad that I did. We drove through some amazing country and met many wonderful people. Neville joined us at Coober Pedy. Tony and Neville were great travelling companions.

One of the highlights of the trip was our stop at Uluru. We walked all the way around. What an amazing rock. Considering that only 1/3 is above ground. I also swam in Mataranka Hot Springs, Bitter River, Katherine Hot Springs and Edith Falls.

At the Convention on Morrow Farm, I met other volunteers from Maitland and other areas. We all worked well together, getting to know each other and having fun. I got a diploma in bread buttering from KCC (the best there is!). The pastor from Camoweale gave three very meaningful messages. Groups from various churches sang and presented skits. They were both entertaining and meaningful, spreading the Christian message of Grace.

In Palmerston, we had wonderful worship time with Tony’s friends Faith and Doug whom we stayed with for two nights before flying to Brisbane.

Thank you, Tony and Neville for taking me on this wonderful adventure.

- Renate B

Dry Bones Come Alive

I’d like to say special thanks to Renate, Neville and Nigel for their support and commitment to the trip. They were fantastic. Also, big thanks to those who donated and or prayed for us as we went. The sense that the Lord was with us was tangible.

We saw some wonders of our great land and met some amazing people; walked around Ayers Rock and served for a week at Katherine Christian Convention, where so many people turned up – Praise The Lord.

As we travelled we proclaimed “Dry bones come alive, hard hearts revive, army of the Lord arise, breathe oh breath of God, breathe”. There was a sense that an army of angels were with us. Whenever we shared what we were doing to other Christians, their eyes lit up. We encouraged many to “not grow weary in doing good. Don’t be discouraged for we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up”. I believe it’s harvest time; much seed has been planted, now many souls are coming to the Lord!!

An old pastor in Coober Pedy told us of an African preacher in the area who said; “he’s never seen so many healings in his life” – Praise the Lord, He is moving in our land! Let’s open our eyes, the fields are ripe for harvest. Let us be true labourers in the fields, doing what the Lord is telling each of us to do.

We thank the Lord for His goodness, giving us the opportunity to serve Him and providing for us along the way. All Praise and glory to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus.

- Tony Tierney

KCC Trip

I started Katherine Christian Convention (KCC) trip on 18th April on the Grey Hound Bus in Adelaide at 6pm, arriving in Coober Pedy at 5:15am, there were many highlights and some lowlights.

No 1 lowlight was travelling 11.5 hours on the bus, seated and strapped in. Because of the wildlife crossing the road and the driver trying to miss hitting them. As I finished 3-day competition at Australian Masters Athletics the no 2 lowlight was travelling with a tired and cramping body.

The 1st of many highlights was when I got off the bus at Coober Pedy, walked around the side of the bus to get my bag and was met with two smiling friendly faces being Tony & Renate. We went for a short walk to bus and campsite, Tony put the kettle on and I had a great cup of tea and early breakfast. I was very tired but had a great day going underground and meeting and talking to people. We stayed there for the night.

On the 20th, we went to Uluru and spent about 4 hours walking around it. I was amazed at this magnificent creation by God; you would have to see it, to believe it! We left there and travelled toward Alice Springs having a late lunch on the side of the road, we travelled on and stayed at a campsite.

Another highlight on the 22nd, Alice Springs; I think it is a very nice town. Then we went onto Ali Curung to visit Murray and Debbie, and what a blessing to be able to spend two days with them. We also saw and spoke with Paul and his very large cross and his melon crops.

On the 24th we went to Tennant Creek and stayed at the Church Hall, we attended the night service. 25th, we went to the Anzac Dawn Service, spent the rest of the day and night there.

26th Katherine; it was “very hot. The next 3 to 4 days we helped set up for KCC. On the evening of the 30th, the convention started and was a great blessing to listen to the speaker. It finished on the 2nd, we spent the following two days cleaning up.

On the 5th, we arrived in Darwin (again very hot!!) Highlights were meeting more church family and catching up with one of my Grandsons. Also, looking back and thinking of some of the people I have met and the way they worship and let go, let God feed them and to think about all the times we had communion and praying over the land, and to see Tony standing in the ocean and praying as he finished retracing an earlier trip, finishing with communion. Well done Tony.

- Neville McIntyre

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