Love to ride!

Hi, my name is Robert. My wife Donna and I are Australian national coordinators for ‘Road Riders for Jesus’ (RRJ). We attend the Christian Life Centre in Glen Innes. RRJ Ministry works firstly with bikes riders, then anyone else that God calls us to. As we ride the highways and back roads we display Jesus on our backs by wearing our RRJ patches, people see who we are in Christ and we have many opportunities to share our faith.

Road Riders for Jesus started in the states in 1999 by Carl and Sally Crackel. Now in 2016, there are now some 5,000 members with 116 chapters worldwide. Donna and I were called to set up and run RRJ in Australia in 2012, appointed to this position by Carl, our International Director. We have about 50 members in Australia with 3 chapters, with new member’s still coming in. Donna and I have both had about 15 years in motorcycle ministry.

God gave me a dream:

The dream started with my mate and I walking along the grass verge; with long grass, muddy wet area, a fenced padlock on one side and a road on the other. As my mate was walking along he kept standing on eels in the mud, as I followed him. Also, I could see lambs hiding in the long grass as we walked through. I was able to catch one of them as I hold it in my arms it could feel loved, I could see that it was a female lamb.

The meaning of the dream: Frist of all, my mate going first was like an armour bearer, someone who we can trust. He was standing on eels, signifying him standing on the devil. The lambs hiding in the long grass, are Christians who are out there doing their own thing, seeing how far they can go without been run over on the road, away from Gods covering. The fenced paddock represents a place of safety, under God's covering. Picking up of the lamb holding it, loving it, is a reference to the love of God, that those people need. God’s showing me this is what he is calling me to do, is to love the ones that other have forgotten. The female lamb is a reference of reproducing God’s love to others, as we touch one they will touch others.


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