He commissioned them to preach the news

of God's kingdom and heal the sick.

He said, "Don't load yourselves up with equipment.

Keep it simple; you are the equipment." 

Luke 9:2-3


Missions isn't a short term trip, it is a lifestyle.

Missions isn't token finance, it is intentional generosity.

Mission is a kingdom mindset.

Missions is local, national and international.

Our intentional generosity extends to;


Carol & Sam Soukotta

Carol and Sam work bringing hope to Indonesia, one child at a time by running a training center for the future of Indonesia.


The vision for Mount Hope Training Center started in 1998, through the service and sacrifice of Carol & Sam, and a team of like-minded people they have seen the fruition of this dream. 


"We want to extend a hand up to the Dayak people of West Kalimanatan because we care about their future & we believe our lives are so much richer when we give of our talents & ourselves."


Vision Christian 


We choose to partner with Vision Radio (0.88 in Glen Innes). Vision Radio are passionate about ensuring every Australian gets the chance to hear the good news of the Gospel. 


University Endeavour

Alphacrucis is the national college for the Australian Christian Churches.


Alphacrucis’ are endeavouring to become a Christian University in Australia. Their mission is to equip Christian leaders to change the world, leading in thought and action. They are committed to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ; committed to the pursuit of excellence; committed to the highest level of integrity; and committed to innovation and continuous improvement.

We choose to partner with Alphacrucis in their goal to become a Christian University.

"...continuing the work of Jesus in our communities..."