Church Planting

Resourcing the Local Church

If you're looking for Church Planting inspiration or resources, below are some key websites and resources to get you started. There is a pioneer spirit raising n the hearts of many people, this will lead to creative ideas in business, ministry and life. There is no doubt that it will effect the Church Planting landscape.

"Does the world need more churches? The short answer is yes, but the world doesn’t need more mediocre churches. The world needs healthy and vibrant churches that are genuinely fulfilling the Great Commission in their cities, towns, villages and nations. Churches that are filled with life, worship, biblical teaching and healthy, accepting community – churches that point people to JESUS." - Brian Houston



City to City Australia exists to help leaders build gospel movements in Australian cities. The vision of City to City Australia is to join with God to see major city centres in Australia worshipping Jesus Christ as Lord so that God will renew them spiritually, socially and culturally to the glory of God the Father.


Dream Map

Bethany designed this Blueprint for those who have a church inside them. Starting with the call of God and His vision to drafting your launch, this document will help put the vision on paper! Download here.


USA Supersite

The gateway to all things Church Planting. An exhaustive (and brilliant) list of helpful website for existing churches and church planters.


ARC Resources

ARC is an association of relational churches working with church planters and church leaders to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches.


ACC Victoria

Our primary mission is to propagate more healthy Churches in every community that will effectively fulfil the great commission. ACC VIC Church Growth facilitates this mission by working with new plants as well as existing Churches wanting to join with us. On their page you will find information and resources that will assist the process.

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"It was in 1999 when Bobbie and I were given the opportunity to do something – which for us at that time was a bold and innovative step. We were asked to take on the leadership of my parents’ inner-city church in ADDITION to the church we were already pastoring in the Northwest of Sydney..." continue reading 10 Principles of Church Planting & Expanding.